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​​Sleepover - Boarding  Ask about Play & Stay Specials for long-term boarding! 

Sleepover Attendants provide moonlight potty breaks & hugs   -    ​Elegant Suites  

Glamour Suites:                                             Ritzy Suites:           

1 dog          $  34                                                  1 dog        $  40 

2 dogs      $  59       You save $  9.00                                       2 dogs     $  65      You save $  15.00

3 dogs       $  82       You save $ 20.00                                     3  dogs    $  88       You save  32.00        



  • Fresh water available
  • Suites cleaned and disinfected daily
  •  Champ Team skilled dog supervisors
  • Heat & air-conditioning 

  • Ritzy Suites and Glamour Suites with upscale design 
  • Cozy beds 
  • Comfy Champ Kennels are offered for dogs who need den environment or training tool
  • Premium Healthy and All-Natural Food and Treats 

ChampDog Park Fun and Training Center

Comfy Champ Kennels are offered to clients who prefer kennels for training, personal preference , or a natural den habitat for your dog.

We offer a variety of add-ons during their sleepover,  such as:

1-on-1 Play, Games of Fetch

Obstacle Course Fun

Fitness Course Fun

Walks, Runs, and more.................

Heavenly Dreams for your Prince or Princess!

Give your Prince or Princess a Heavenly Dream Experience!      Fees are customized to length of stay as follows:   

                                                                1 - 7 days    

Premium Memory Foam Sofa  (large)        $    14

We want to provide you a

Better Lifestyle for your Best Friend!

Military  Discount

Senior Discount

Sleeping overnight is a safe, clean and happy environment.  For a truly wonderful experience, please call to schedule a Meet & Greet where we meet your doggy and you view our Park.  

Everyone needs a plush place for sleepovers.  Overnight includes potty breaks, surround sound music, Team Member socialization, and premiere bedding.  Show your love and help your pup develop bonding and social skills with our daycare and gym services.  We also offer spa and grooming services during your visit.