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Dog Daycare, Boarding, Spa Baths, Grooming, Training

"Business Hall of Fame"

"Voted # 1Best Pet Boarding Service"

Colorado Springs Award Program 

Spa Baths &Boutique

It is Natural to loving your

dog when they have a fresh, clean scent makes everyone look and feel like a SuperStar!  

Come to ChampDog Park and order a

full-service dog bath. 

Our professional bather has state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest benefit in the spa & bathing process and uses healthy nutrient-rich shampoos, conditioners and cleansers to ensure the greatest comfort to your Champ!

Feed Me!

We provide premium All-Natural  and Healthy dog treats  and dog food in tantalizing flavors.   

Buy Me!
Shop at our Swanky Dog Boutique and you will find something special for every Champ, yummy treats, nummy food, unique and glamorous accessories.   ​
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Boarding, Daycare, Spa, Groom, Training

Give your dog the best Premiere Daycare experience with our multiple indoor play areas.  We provide a happy, clean, safe and comfortable environment.    

Brag to your friends that your dog checked in for boarding in the Indoor Park for sleepovers in the Ritzy & Glamour Suites!

Visit our Palace Spa & Grooming and Boutique and choose unique and classy services and products for your dog whom you love to spoil! 

Your satisfaction is important to us.   We want you to visit our daycare, boarding, spa and boutique in the indoor park for years.   You can be assured we will meet and exceed every expectation you as a Dog Parent may have.

Elite Boarding    Sleepover

Ask about the Play & Stay Specials for

​Long-Term Boarding!

​Elegant Kennels!"

"Best Pet Boarding Service"
Colorado Springs Award Program 

Check-in for boarding in the Ritzy Suites for sleeping in the Indoor Park!

Fancy Boarding Indoor Park.

Champ Sleepover Attendants give

 your dog Moonlight potty breaks and hugs.

Come today and feel the ambience of our Ritzy and Glamour Suites in our Classy environment.  

We offer agility training, walks, runs, 1-on-1 play, games of fetch, massages and cuddle time.  Refer to our Services Menu for further detail.

Come meet our Champ Team who is trained as premiere daycare and boarding specialists and enjoy giving personalized

love and attention to your dog!

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Boutique - Lobby Open

Located:  Across from Wolf Ranch and Cordera

Monday thru Friday 6:30 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Reservations:  719-282-3300


Dog Boarding, Daycare, Spa Baths, Grooming, Training and Boutique and Natural Food - Colorado Springs                       ​

Dog Daycare Indoor Park

Indoor Park with the Finest Dog Grass, Water Hose Streams, and Wading Pool  for Fun and Playful days! 

Dream Angels Daycare with romp and play activities!


Our Dog Daycare grass is a proprietary State-of-the-Art system, which provides a Natural & Safe surface for playing, running hurdles, jumping hoops, or simply pack dog fun, running, and dog play .

Research has proven that dogs on grassy surfaces experience  20 - 25 % longevity due to the natural soft surface which minimizes impact on the joints. 

Your ChampDog can be active in our variety of

Daycare Play Areas, participate in Gym Activities, or simply bask in the Sun onur SkyView Ledges. 

Daycare Play Areas:

# 1 - Park & Splash Daycare

with SkyView Ledges

# 2 - Prance & Play Daycare

# 3 - Show Up - Show Off  Daycare

# 4 - Dream Angels Daycare


We are an Elite Dog Daycare, Boarding, Spa Bath, Gentle Grooming,
Training and Boutique
that provides exceptional services with a Class Act style.
We treat every dog like a Champ SuperStar!


5470 Powers Center Point, Suite 160

Colorado Springs, CO  80920

Corner of Powers Blvd.  and Research Parkway

Near Wolf Ranch and Cordera 

Best Dog Boarding, Daycare, Spa Baths, Grooming and Training

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